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Go Green Debate by Gram


The EU Ecodesign Directive: What’s the impact

The Gram Go Green Debate is back! On 5th July at 3pm Gram UK’s managing director, Glenn Roberts will once again host a panel of foodservice experts, as they debate the implications and benefits of the recently launched EU Ecodesign Directive.

The webinar will examine the immediate reaction to the launch of EU Ecodesign directive and discuss in what way it will impact the industry.

Joined by Mark Kendal, project director at Inox Equip and director at CEDA, Richard Smith, head of purchasing at Bunzl Lockhart and Peter Farrell, sales director at C&C Catering, Glenn will chair a discussion on the responses to the launch of the directive, and how distributors and manufacturers will need to adapt to comply with the new legislation.

Glenn Roberts comments: “The new directive is set to change the foodservice landscape and its implementation will widen the scope for bigger and better technological advancements. The panel will also discuss the need for the directive, who it effects and whether its something that operators, want, need or will come to rely on when making future purchasing decisions”.

The experts will also address some of biggest questions on operators’ minds ‘What are the cost implications?’ and ‘What levels of performance can they expect from a refrigeration unit in the different category ratings?’

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